Our vision

  • By nature people gain satisfaction out of successful collaborative work where they can contribute in a productive way towards a higher goal. Organisations have the opportunity to profit from their people, who are motivated by contributing to the inspirational higher goal.

    We believe though, that changes imposed from an exterior entity automatically call up a defensive stance. This is the case whether considered from the point of view of the organisation, the department or the individual. The ‘not invented here’-syndrome will arise very quickly and as such will endanger any real motivation.

    Only if the change comes from within, will it have momentum since it is built on the inherent motivation of the people of your organisation. This drastically improves the chances for success of any improvement effort, and is why we are not advocates of imposing standard methods, techniques, software and other pre-defined solutions on to your organisation. This is also the reason why we simply facilitate and don’t require extensive pre-assessments, feasibility studies or other extensive preliminary work before we can assist you to gain results. You and your people know the organisation and the subject matter better than any outside observer.

    One thing we do find extremely important: Focus! Each and every improvement initiative needs to be focused on the lever of your organisation and must deliver direct benefits. When people perceive that these benefits are founded upon their own improvement initiatives and contributions, momentum for further continuous improvement flourishes and real commitment materialises. Be prepared, your people will want to go for world class!

    What about our motivation?

    Our ambition is to allow organisations to flourish whilst keeping and/or making their employees happy. What could be more inspirational than to be able to contribute in this manner to the higher goal of your organisation and its people?

    Kurt Corthout

    Harry Barendse