World class

  • When your delivery speed and reliability are improved to the level that gives you a clear head start over your competitors, you are no longer cruising in the ‘red ocean’. Buyers and suppliers will seek you out rather than the other way around. Continuous Focused Improvement makes it possible to capitalise your advantage, and to further develop and enhance it.

    Afbeelding EN Wereldklasse met onderschriftWith it’s continuous improvement process the world class organisation builds a capacity surplus.

    Continuous Focused Improvement provides a range of proven acceleration options and the ability to manage uncertainty and weigh alternative scenarios. Because the internal planning is often intertwined with that of suppliers and subcontractors, co-operation with them is transparently reformed.

    This opens the possibility to accelerate urgent orders which is of course appreciated by the customer, and this ability is also used to advantage in negotiations. The more speed, the more value. The decisive competitive advantage that your company has built is therefore validated.