• Your customers adjust their plans according to the promises that your company has made them, this means your customers have to be able to rely on you.
    That your company is able to deliver its promises could be the primal focus in order to sustain and grow your customer base.
    Reliable organisations are capable of promising trustworthy lead times to their customers (whether or not supported by guarantees). Based on co-operation and good results, a real partnership with clients emerges.

    Your company can also achieve a status of high reliability in its commitments towards lead-times and due dates, and as such, increase your market-share.

    Afbeelding EN Betrouwbaar met onderschriftWhen your organisation succeeds in effectively fulfilling the promises to your customers at the levels they are used to, this does not automatically mean that your organisation is reliable. Due to unexpected circumstances, innovation pressure and changing customer specifications, the reliability of many organisations is jeopardised.

    Continuous Focused Improvement provides organisations with a mechanism that at any given time allows insight into the theoretical time required, and the actual time until the desired due date of the order, project or service. Using these, task priorities can be deduced unambiguously at any time. This allows organisations to identify problems at an early stage and to take targeted measures to ensure timely delivery. The organisation becomes reliable.