• Organisations are challenged with the urgency to respond to customer needs by improving their business processes, but they have to cope with resistance to change. Instead of invoking resistance to change, the Continuous Focused Improvement Process unleashes the energy that distinguishes the winning team.

    Afbeelding EN CFI proces met onderschriftWhen pre-defined solutions are imposed, the organisation runs into a dead end. A facilitating approach is required. Throughout the CFI process, from identifying the root cause of the problem to the execution of the solution, we facilitate your people in the collaborative creation of solutions.

    Guaranteed success at every step, with minimal risk and without pushing your organisation into a restrictive, pre-defined solution. No Procrustes bed for your organisation. It is unique. And so are your people.

    The main questions which have to be agreed upon to encourage each improvement initiative are:

    • Why change?
      The change should provide added value to the organisations goals (Impact on ROI, Net Profit, Cash Flow, Credibility, Reliability, Delivery Speed etc) and all stakeholders should agree the change is worth the time and effort.
    • What to change?
      By identifying the deeper lying root cause problem(s) you avoid merely fighting symptoms and gain the biggest leverage on your improvement effort.
    • What to change to?
      The change should contribute to the desired effects of the improvement of the system and deliver appropriate behaviour while at the same time averting potential negative effects.
    • How to cause the change?
      The implementation of the improvement effort should be supported by those who need to execute it. The actions needed to effectuate the improvement are identified, the sequence is defined, the appropriate people are assigned and the timeline is set. The solution has to be both focused and feasible.