• You can see the improvement potential and the value attached to it, but how do you get the improvement process started? How to harvest the value? The workshop is our answer for organisations that are aiming to improve.

    Drastic improvement and attaining a world class level is possible for any organisation. Organisations we have helped using Continuous Focused Improvement usually realises percentage improvements into the two digits. Depending on the circumstances the speed at which improvements are realised varies.

    During our two-day workshop you develop your own roadmap to lead you through the improvement process. With this made-to-measure plan you can implement improvements immediately after the workshop and realise value in a very short period.

    Afbeelding EN dagprogramma workshop





    Several times a year we organise an open workshop. Or perhaps you would prefer a closed workshop with your own people? This offers a number of important advantages. It is possible to delve deeper into your own specific situation and at the end of the workshop your people are in agreement about all aspects covered in the roadmap. Thereby giving you a flying start on the road to decisive improvements.

    If you are interested in the workshop, please contact us.